The Hot List: Volume 14

By Winding Road Staff

November 18, 2011

Every week we sift through a truly amazing amount of “stuff” in the dozen or so hours we spend online—you know, the time spent not driving sweet cars. A lot of the cool stuff we find has to do specifically with new cars, naturally, but there’s also a huge amount of awesomeness that doesn’t completely fit in the normal Winding Road world. Once, we were in the habit of simply reading, watching, or talking amongst ourselves about this web detritus, but recently we thought it might be a good idea to start sharing it with you all. Thus, The Hot List.
We aim to bring you a list of the most interesting bits of information we run across. Ten worth-knowing-about things that may or may not be related directly to the world of cars, but all of which we think our typical enthusiast readers will be able to really dig into. We don’t know, from week to week, what will show up on this list, which is part of the fun for us and for you.
Read, enjoy, and comment. If you happen to know of something that you think would make for a good inclusion on next week’s list, drop us a line at
RidgeRacer PlayStation Vita Trailer
When it comes to arcade-style racing games (i.e. not of the Gran Tuirsmo/Forza genre), RidgeRacer sits pretty close to our hearts. Now with the PlayStation Vita coming out, there’s a new RidgeRacer coming out, and Destructoid has the trailer.
SteelSeries PC Racing Wheel
Anything that makes our virtual racing experience more real is welcomed. Case in point is this new wheel from SteelSeries. For $119, you can experience realistic driving on your PC racing sims. Plus, buttons. Lots of them.
The Best Turkey Recipe… In The World
The fine folks at Lifehacker exist to make life easier. And with the biggest cooking holiday of them all, Thanksgiving, less than a week away, they perused the interwebs for the best way to cook a bird. If you’re looking for a new way of cooking your turkey this year, head on over and see what they’re talking about.
All-Pie Thanksgiving
Imagine if all the things you ate on Thanksgiving were served to you as pies. Turkey pie, green bean casserole pie, you get the point. Our Editor-In-Chief Seyth Miersma, understandably, is really excited about this idea.
Nature Wants To Eat You
While you’re eating all that crusty goodness, be thankful you’re not the one being eaten. This Tumblr blog displays excellently creepy photos of wild predators with lots of big, sharp teeth. It’s nice to be at the top of the food chain.
SolarCycle USB Port
If you spend a lot of time on a bike, charging your phone isn’t always an easy task. Enter SolarCycle’s solar-powered USB port. It clips onto the back of your bike and can be plugged into your USB device, allowing on-the-go charging.
Bentley Executive Interior Concept
Check out this Bentley Mulsanne’s tech-awesome interior. It’s high art for the well-to-do Apple enthusiast with a taste for expensive cars. The interior design touches are also pretty attractive. We’d likely have trouble convincing ourselves to out of the back seat.
Bionic Bopper Cars
One for the holiday wishlist. These are like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots that you get inside and control. Land a successful punch, and the opponent robot’s head pops up. We’ve always wanted to do battle from inside a robot! (We watched a lot of Voltron as a kid.)
Astronauts On The Moon, Falling
Lunar slapstick! This video of astronauts falling on the moon is strangely hypnotic. It’s also really funny. No further description needed.
LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van
It’s no secret that we like tiny cars, model cars, etc. We alos wish we’d never gotten rid of all our Legos from when we were younger. Well, to build up or collection again, we think we’ll start with this Lego Volkswagen van. It’ll look good in the Winding Road office, next to all the other toys.
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