Ten Of The Best Racing Seats On Sale Today

By Bradley Iger, Luciana D'Andretta

January 11, 2017

[Updated for 2017.  Some of the seat options that were originally selected for this article are no longer available. We’ve updated this article with a couple of our new racing seat picks for 2017 - Ed.]
Most everywhere in organized motorsport, a proper racing seat is a requirement if you want to compete. But more than simply complying with safety protocol, a great racing seat can have a profound effect not only on driver comfort but performance as well, as a seat that holds the driver in place properly allows that individual to focus their attention elsewhere – like running faster laps.
As a refresher in factors you need to consider when buying a helmet, you may want to read our Racing Seat Buyers Guide, and head over to the Winding Road Racing online store to check out the entire selection of racing seats available.
And now, in no particular order, here are our picks for ten of the best racing seats available today:
Racetech RT4119HRW – Compliant with FIA 8855-1999 standards, the Racetech RT4119HRW may be a mouthful but we’ve found it to be very supportive and comfortable under racing conditions, and because it’s available in three different sizes (standard, tall and wide-tall), this seat can accommodate many different drivers. View all Racetech Seats.
Ultrashield Rally Sport Halo – Available in sizes 14 through 18 in 1" increments, this aluminum seat can be mounted directly to floorpan for maximum headroom and is a great option for Spec Miata. Our customers have also commented on the comfort of the seat as well as the ease of seat pad removal for cleaning and when working inside the car, making the Ultrashield Rally Sport Halo an obvious choice for the list. Browse all Ultrashield Racing Seats.
Sparco Sprint Racing Seat
Sparco Sprint Racing Seat – This FIA-approved racing seat is both economical and versatile. The Sparco Sprint is a smaller racing seat that will fit in nearly any race car (including Miatas). View all Sparco racing seats.
Momo Daytona Racing Seat
Momo Daytona Racing Seat – The Momo Daytona seat is a leaner racing seat than others made by Momo. The harness pass-throughs and halo are high, making this particular racing seat a great option for taller drivers. Available in both XL or slim fit. View all Momo racing seats
OMP WRC-R Racing Seat
OMP WRC-R – This deep seat comes with high side bolsters which helps keep racers from moving around too much in their seat, while also providing lateral leg support. The WRC-R racing seat has an overall wider fit, which is great for the larger racer. FIA-approved. Shop all OMP racing seats.
OMP HTE-R – Our reference Porsche GT3 Cup seat. The OMP HTE-R is supportive, comfortable and does not require a back brace. Homologated to FIA 8855/1999 standards, the HTE-R is available in standard or XL sizes and is designed with large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights. Shop all OMP racing seats.
Momo Lesmo One – We’ve noted that the standard sized version of this seat is on the narrow side and thus highly supportive under high loads, a quality which continues in the side and shoulder areas. And like the Supercup seat, the Lesmo One also uses “Airnet” technical material on the seating areas to enhance grip and driver stability. View all Momo racing seats.   
Sparco Cicuit Racing Seat
Sparco Circuit Race Seat – The wider-width construction of the Sparco Circuit racing seat is a great option for drivers with wider shoulders. The FIA-approved seat also has a very wide halo, which helps some racers feel less claustrophobic. Similar to the OMP WRC-R seat, the Circuit has a deep seat to keep racers in place while in motion. View all Sparco racing seats. 
Sparco Evo Racing Seat
Sparco Evo – Available in four sizes (medium, medium/tall, large and XL), the Evo is one of Sparco’s most versatile racing seat. Because it has lower side bolsters, the Evo doesn’t sit as deep as others, making it a well-suited option for placement in both racecars and daily drivers. FIA approved. View all Sparco racing seats.
Ultrashield Spec Miata Racing Seat
Ultrashield Spec Miata Racing Seat – As the name of the seat implies, this racing seat is perfect for Spec Miatas. Constructed out of aluminum (as are all Ultrashield seats), it can be bolted directly to the floor of the racecar, making mounting lower than other racing seats available. View all Ultrashield racing seats
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