Speed Secrets: Sponsorship For Amateur Racers

By Ross Bentley

August 20, 2013

It's ironic that there are so many amateur racers who are bringing in a larger percentage of their annual racing budget from sponsorship than many "pros" are.
It may be a matter of scale - pros typically need more! But from what I've witnessed, it may have more to do with the approach. Too many pros think they need to land the big sponsor, and that means asking for the entire budget. Amateurs piece many deals together, ultimately covering their budget.
Some amateurs also leverage their network better than some pros do.
It's something to think about. After all, now is the time to be working on funding for next season.
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With regard to the topic at hand, Team Winding Road’s new Forums page is a great place to discuss technical advice, share personal achievements, find out about regional events, and much more. There’s even a section for racers to post and read about sponsorship opportunities and advice. 
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