Speed Secrets: Preparing for a Season of HPDE

By Ross Bentley

February 10, 2021


This week's Speed Secrets has an excellent overview of prepping for the HPDE season. It covers many topics:

  • Budget Planning
  • Event Planning
  • Continual Learning
  • Self Coaching



Each section of this is full of sage advice and provides solid checklists for thinking through what you're doing or should be doing:

  • HANS, or HANS Hybrid
  • Helmets & Race Suits
  • Summer or Race Tires
  • Seats & Belts
  • Tire Temps
  • Brake Upgrades
  • Suspension Tuning & Upgrades
  • Weight & Balance
  • Data Collection Systems & Analytics



These checklists are especially useful for those new to HPDE, but also serve as a reminder for the Nth thing experienced drivers often forget. For the full text of this article, and more regular Speed Secrets content, check out their website here.



Highly recommended!