Speed Secrets : Planning To Become Faster

By Ross Bentley

April 28, 2021


Planning has its problems, but without a plan things are usually worse. It is impressive to us how many drivers come to the track, turn laps and go home. Maybe going fast isn’t the point, but we still have our doubts that the point is really achieved. We think that’s because many drivers don’t specifically know what they are trying to achieve.


While these goals might differ for HPDE and Wheel-to-Wheel drivers, one can still have goals. But to have goals that can be accomplished, you usually need your activity broken down into bite-sized chunks. Which requires knowing what the chunks are. This in turn is made somewhat difficult because track driving is very complex.



In this Speed Secrets, Ross breaks down many of the elements so you can prioritize what to focus on (usually working on 1-3 things is best). Read more here