Showroom Spotlight: Subaru Impreza 22B Racecar

By Winding Road Staff

December 01, 2013

This week we have a Subaru Impreza 22b in the Showroom decked out in competition-ready form. It comes with everything you'll need to go racing aside from the notable exception of a powerplant and an ECU to control it, which you'll have to provide. Whether you're interested in Rally America, Grand AM, hill climb events, or even drifting, this Subaru is a jack of all trades. 

You can find the full details on this Subaru in the Showroom listing. 

This vehicle is fully equipped for the stringent Pikes Peak Hill climb inspection - you can compete in many types of competition, including Rally America, hill climb events, drift events, Grand AM, etc.

I've also managed to keep the car street legal with a clean title in my name and is registered in TN. I drive it on the road all the time and has Brakes lights, headlights, turn signal, windshield wipers - all operational. All the sponsors stickers have been removed.

Top quality craftmanship! I built everything and I have over 14 years of technical school and work experience combined in welding, sheet metal work, composite materials, mechanical engineering, etc.


1996 Subaru impreza 2dr coupe
Auto power cage
Aerosim Carbon/Kevlar 22B Body kit
2007 STI Big brakes+Hubs+New bearings
ISC coilover suspensions
Sparco Seat Pro-ADV Grip
Sparco seat base + hardware kit
Sparco 6 point harness
Sparco steering wheel
NRG Quick release
Sparco Hub
8 Gal Fuel cell+ fitting etc…
2005 STI LSD Rear diff 3.9:1+ cv’s + STI control arms
Rota Wheels 18x9 ET30 + TOYO R888 tires + 1 new set of 4 tires see attached picture!
Optima Red Battery + billet aluminum mount + Main 200amp kill switch
Subaru 22B wing
Subaru 22B headlights
New windshield
Perrin rear sway bar 1”
Paint job
Racepak Iq3 Dashboard data logging 2gb to 16gb capacity +buttons to switch page
05-07 STI clutch master cylinder + brake master+ Fly by wire accelerator ( with adaptor plate)
6 speed diesel tranmsission + 6 speed sti short throw shifter + Shifter cables

I can let the 22B go for 20k minus the diesel engine and ECU. I'm not counting the labor in this and I deducted 15% value over the entire equipment put in that because I have about 1000 mile on it even though everything is still like new... a real bargain!

Click here to check out the Subaru Impreza 22B Racecar in the Showroom.