Showroom Hot List: Volume 4

By John Beltz Snyder

July 27, 2012

As we continue to build the Winding Road Showroom, we come across lots of cool products that we geek out over, whether it’s a cool automotive accessory, watch, gadget, book, or art. Here, we have gathered a few that we found to be particularly interesting or desirable, and we think you’ll like them, too.
Saw Blade Shop Clock
This clock would look great in your workshop. It’s made of a ten-inch saw blade, with a hammer and jigsaw blade for the minute and hour hands. Just be careful not to cut yourself when you hang it on the wall.
Twilight Supernova Lighted Golf Balls
The worst part about sneaking onto the course to play golf at night is losing your ball. These lighted golf balls will help you keep track in the dark, bad weather, long grass, or when you slice it into the woods.
Ford Mustang Wall Shelf
This shelf features the front end of a 1965 Ford Mustang. It’s the perfect place to display your favorite model cars.
Black Gold Gas Pump CD/DVD Holder Cabinet
Perfect for your car-themed man cave, this CD/DVD cabinet looks like an antique gas pump. It has four shelves inside to keep your music and movies organized and out of the way.
Eagle Golf Cruiser Single Rider Golf Cart
This electric cart seats one, and can fold down to fit in most SUVs and minivans. Use it to speed up your game, or to just cruise around your neighborhood, making the neighbors jealous.
Porsche The Essence
This spray cologne doesn’t smell like racing fuel, but it is an authentic product from Porsche Design. The scent is a blend of juniper, Siberian pine, patchouli, pine balm, incense, myrtle, Russian coriander leaves, and black pepper.
Ray-Ban Clubmaster II Sunglasses
Keep the sun out of your eyes with these retro-cool shades from Ray-Ban. These prescription-lens-friendly sunglasses are available in solid, gradient, and polarized lens options.
Puma Surfrider Ferrari Sandals
If you’re not ashamed of your feet, go ahead and give them the Ferrari treatment. These Rosso Corsa red (also available in black or grey) sandals from Puma feature the Ferrari logo front and center. They probably don’t make you any faster, though.
Mount Me Freedom Mounting System for the iPad 2
With this mounting system, your iPad can be easily transformed into a great in-car or on-the-go entertainment system, a wall clock, home automation controller and more.
Phosphor Men's Appear Crystal Digital Watch
Appear watches utilize miniature-sized rotors adorned with Swarovski crystals that revolve to reveal numerical or chronological information. The watch face offers "seconds" and "off" modes which show an entire face of crystals.

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