Secondhand Gems: The Round Up

By James Bradbury

January 23, 2012

In an effort to expand the readership of our monthly Secondhand Gems column from Winding Road's digital magazine (and capitalize on the near-slavish following that the intrepid Christopher Smith seems to garner with every new article), we're going to publish each new Gems column on, from here on out. You're welcome.
To keep track of the Secondhand articles, past and present, we've assembled all of them in one place. Please do feel free to browse the back content at your leisure, and make sure to bookmark this page so you can check up on new Gems content as it is added to the site. 
Issue 52: $20K All-Wheel-Drive Sport Sedans
Issue 53: $10K Winter Second Cars
Issue 54: $30K Sport Sedans: USA Vs. Germany
Issue 55: $17K Front-Drive Heroes
Issue 56: Thinking Inside The Box
Issue 57: $30,000 Sports Cars
Issue 58: $40,000 Four-Seat Convertibles
Issue 59: Five-Figure Supercar Bargains
Issue 60: $20,000 Tailgaters
Issue 61: Germany Vs. Japan $40K
Issue 62: $21K Camry Alternatives
Issue 63: Hardcore Performance
Issue 64: Sneaky Sleepers For $25,000
Issue 65: $50K Fast Sport Utes
Issue 66: Frugal Fun
Issue 67: Korea Vs. Japan: $25K Sport Coupe Battle
Issue 68: Tuner Cars For $20K
Issue 69: Cool $35K Crossovers
Issue 70: Lottery Win Cars
Issue 71: $25K Hybrids That Don’t Suck
Issue 72: 400 Horsepower For $35,000
Issue 73: Sensible Twenty-Something Fun
Issue 74: Quarter-Mile Heroes
Issue 75: $10K Turbo Dreams
Issue 76: Grand Touring Three Ways
Issue 77: Big Horsepower
Issue 78: All-Wheel Drive And 30-mpg
Issue 79: Ferrari Dreams
Issue 80: $20,000 Family-Sized Fun
Issue 81: $30,000 Truckin'
Issue 82: $33,000 Roadsters