Rubbin' Ain't Racin', It's Ridiculous

By Winding Road Staff

September 06, 2016

The phrase rubbin' is racin' is used to justify all sorts of bad behavior on the track. Of course, trying to race in close quarters will occasionally lead to incidental contact, but when it is used to excuse penalties or as a badge of honor, then racing starts down a slippery slope into undesirable territory that hurts the sport and the competitors. We have cautioned against using "pro" racing as a reference for amateur behavior, and yet we continue to hear amateurs use the "pro" reference. Last weekend, we saw something pretty close to the bottom of the slippery slope, unsurprisingly from NASCAR. To put it mildly, this kind of "racing" is: 

1. Unsportsmanlike -- as in it doesn't seem like a sport anymore which hurts the view of racing across the board.

2. Dangerous.

3. Expensive (maybe not in Camping World where this increases the audience and there is rev share?)

4. Lawless, and hence unfair, because participants don't actually know what the rules are when they are arbitrarily applied.

If this finish qualifies Nemecheck for a win, then we say NASCAR Camping World Truck Series isn't a sport. Entertaining, maybe, but then some people think the WWE is entertaining. But it's definitely not sport.