Racecar Profile: Elan Motorsports DP02

By Bradley Iger

June 04, 2014

The DP02 is the series spec car for the International Motor Sports Association's Cooper Tire Prototype Lites series. Outfitted with either a 2.0L or 2.3L engine, the DP02 is the exclusive chassis of both the L1 and L2 classes. Additionally, the DP02 is homologated for the SCCA's P1 class, and can be configured to run in P2 as well.
Utilizing many of the same design principles as current Le Mans cars, the DP02 features a carbon composite monocoque with integral fuel cell, unidirectional and woven carbon fiber and aluminum core construction, and is built to meet FIA F3 safety standards. 
The DP02's aero features consist of a front splitter, rear tunnel diffuser and single element rear wing which provide more than 700 pounds of downforce at speed, contributing to the car's impressive handling capabilities and grip.
The Mazda-sourced 2.0-liter four cylinder motor offers durability and a reliable track record, with an estimated service life between 1500-1700 miles before requiring a rebuild.
Dan Skill, General Manager of Elan Motorsports, reports that those new to the DP02 might not be able to truly appreciate the car's abilities until they've had a chance behind the wheel:
"Drivers stepping up to the DP02 for the first time are typically astounded by the G-forces this car generates.  Many drivers, thinking they are physically fit for racing, find they have to ‘drive themselves’ into racing condition in Elan’s DP02."
Let's take a look at the Elan DP02 in closer detail:
Length: 163.19 inches
Width: 75.2 inches
Height: 39.17 inches
Wheelbase: 100.59 inches
$143,000 (series specification)
1175lbs minimum (depending on customer specs)
Mazda MZR 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder engine
(240 bhp @ 8000 rpm)
Hewland six-speed sequential
Steel tubular headers
Full composite monocoque with integral fuel cell and aluminum bulkheads
Independent double-wishbone pushrod suspension w/three-way adjustable shocks
4-pot aluminum calipers w/steel ventilated floating disc brakes
OZ one-piece aluminum wheels, 9x13" front and 12x13" rear w/Cooper race slicks
Anti-intrusion kevtar hip panels, FIA-approved steel roll hoop
  • Built to IMSA Cooper Tire Prototype Lites spec configuration
Services Offered By Manufacturer
  • Trackside support
  • Custom parts engineering and fabrication
One-make Class Available?
  • IMSA: Cooper Tire Prototype Lites (L1 and L2 spec car)
Eligible Classes
  • SCCA: P1 (P2 if configured for class)
  • 3-4 month delivery window of race-ready vehicle
Elan Motorsports Technologies
1394 Broadway Avenue
Braselton, Ga.30517
Phone: 706-654-2153
Web: http://www.elanmotorsports.com/
Email: info@elangroup.com