Racecar Profile: ARX AKITA

By Bradley Iger

August 14, 2014

The AKITA is a newly developed mixed-surface racer designed for use in rallycross events. In ARX Manufacturing's own words, the idea behind the development of the AKITA is to "build a race car that is affordable to obtain and affordable to race." After more than 1000 hours of development and testing, ARX is confident that they've achieved those objectives.
Ease of adjustability is a core tenet of the AKITA's design, and suspension changes like ride height, camber, caster, and spring/damper swaps can be performed with a small set of hand tools and a few minutes of time, making the task of dialing in your setup at the track as hassle-free as possible.
The AKITA also sports its own racing series which is sanctioned by the ARXRA, or American Rally Cross Racing Association. Currently all ARXRA events are held on a monthly basis at Harris Hill Raceway with plans to expand to other venues for the 2015 racing season, as tweaks are to the race format and series rules are still ongoing.
Here's a breakdown of the current specifications, options, and other pertinent details about the AKITA:
Length: 113.50 inches
Width: 66.5 inches
Height: 50.00 inches
Wheelbase: 80.00 inches
$7500 - basic chassis with drivebox, suspension, axles
$14,500 - disassembled kit, customer adds motor
$17,500 - assembled kit, customer adds motor
$22,500 - race-ready car w/customer-supplied motor
~ 850lbs depending on customer specifications
1000cc motorcycle engines - Honda CBR1000RR / Suzuki GSXR 1000  (mounts for 1000cc Yamaha and Kawasaki engine mounts to be added)
~ 150 horsepower
Honda close-ratio six-speed (no reverse)
ARX Drivebox - RWD (no differential)
Welded tubular steel, aluminum body
Front: unequal length double-wishbone
Rear: semi-trailing arm
Shocks: twin tube non-adjustable
Springs: 2.5” steel
Disc, cockpit-adjustable front to rear bias
13x6 inch alloys with DOT Federal Formoza
Integrated roll cage, master disconnect switch, Ultrashield racing seat, Crow driver restraint system
  • Various build specifications are offered as noted in Price section above - the complete breakdown of what's included with each kit can be found here.
Services Offered By Manufacturer
  • Replacement parts and supplies (click the "Affordable Racing" tab here for price list of individual components)
Eligible Classes
Weekend Run Costs
  • TBD - estimated cost by manufacturer per event for fuel, tires, brake pads and maintenance is approximately $100. (This estimate does not include associated race fees, transport costs, lodging, etc, which should also be considered.)
ARX Manufacturing
PO Box 152710
Austin, Texas78715