Question: What’s The Perfect Two-Vehicle Combination?

By Winding Road Staff

December 21, 2011

Work and play. Business and party. Town and country (no, not that Town & Country…although, maybe). There are two halves to the average life, and for driver’s the equation doesn’t change; we need cars/trucks/vans/SUVs to carry us and our loved ones through the drudgery of the workaday week, and cars/trucks/ORVs/racecars to speak to our souls when we’re driving purely for pleasure.

So, for many of us the solution to this work/play problem is to have two vehicles. (Some single vehicles make a valiant effort at serving all needs—we’re looking at you Mazdaspeed3—but usually fall short in some regard.) One car that mostly gets the job done without causing too many problems, and one that simply makes us smile.

We’ll put the question to you then, to ponder and then answer in the comments section below: what two vehicles would make an ideal work/play combo for you?
We’ve assumed a generally rational budget to frame this question—close your eyes and assume that you’re not Jay Leno—but you can feel free to let fantasy rule if you must.

To get us rolling, here are some picks from the Winding Road editors.

Brandon Turkus

Ferrari 458 Spyder & Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged Autobiography: The Ferrari 458 is bar-none the best car I’ve ever driven. Losing the top will only make it better. As for the Range Rover, it has 510 horsepower, can literally drive over a mountain, and is available in brown, so why wouldn’t I want it?

John Beltz Snyder

Mazda MX-5 Miata & Jeep Grand Cherokee: I would want both cars to be fun to drive and affordable. One of them has to be good on fuel, so I can drive that when money is tight. One has to be track-worthy, with good visibility. One has to be able to haul people, dogs, and cargo, and should be able to sleep two in a pinch. I need to be able to go almost anywhere in any weather. Therefore, my ideal, practical two-car garage would contain a Mazda MX-5 Miata and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I think those pretty much cover my bases.

Seyth Miersma

Porsche 911 Carrera S & 1984 Ford F-150: I dig vintage 911s, but I’d love a new one (991) to be my mostly permanent daily driver. Just so much fun, speed, and practicality wrapped up in one package. Combine that with an old F-150 (I picked 1984, but any F-Series from the seventh generation will do) that can haul stuff, break and get fixed easily, and look badass, and you’ve got an unbeatable pair.