Planning 2017: Go Racing For Real

By Tom Martin

January 04, 2017

If you are one of those people who pretty regularly think "I should get my racing license some day" or when watching a race thinks "that looks like fun, I should go racing some day" we want to politely suggest that 2017 is the time to turn "some day" into "today". If you have questions about how to go racing or if you wonder whether you have the skills, we've written a series of articles to help. We call this section of "The Guide To Road Racing".

There is a lot of information in the guide, so let us suggest starting with the following articles:

Watch this video to warm up with a little inspiration.

Then take a look at this article to have a high-level roadmap of the road racing world.

Many of you have probably done track days and know what they are about. So really, the step is to wheel to wheel racing. Read this article to get a sense of what Chumpcar racing is about, since it is the most accessible wheel-wheel racing.

Then look at this article about what you need to go to race licensing school.

Finally, read this article about what happens at race licensing school.

We hope to see you at the track in 2017.