One From China: Chana Z-Shine

By Seyth Miersma

September 09, 2010

Looks A Bit Like:

A Ford Focus. No surprise there, as Ford is one of Chana’s joint-venture partners, along with Suzuki.

The Specs:

Engine: Inline-4, 2.0-liters, 16v
Output: 152 hp/142 lb-ft (est.)
Top Speed: 124 mph
Weight: 2976 lb
Fuel Economy: 29 mpg

Option Sheet Fun:

“Multi-edge reflection hybrid headlight (function of “see you home”)" — Sounds advanced, and friendly.

“Headlight Reminder” — Probably some kind of buzzer or bell when you leave the light on?

“nteligent [sic] vehicle hunting system” — You know, like Spy Hunter.

“Hidden rear air exit” — No idea.

Slightly Unbelievable:

Below, from the owner’s manual.