One Cool Feature: Land Rover LR4 Surround Camera System

By Brandon Turkus

May 11, 2011

When driving, being able to see where you are going and what is going on around you is generally quite important. That’s why we tend to appreciate vehicles with massive greenhouses, as it gives us a great idea of what the other knuckleheads on the road are up to.
Besides the massive expanses of glass, our Land Rover LR4 came with a fancy series of cameras that generate an almost 360-degree view of what’s going on around the vehicle. There is the typical rear-view camera, mounted just above the license plate, while each mirror houses a downward-looking camera, and finally, both driver and passenger side cameras sit in the LR4’s lower air dam.
In and of it self, these cameras aren’t very remarkable. Infiniti has been using a similar system for years, albeit with only one forward-looking camera. What makes the Land Rover’s system unique is that it can be customized and used while the vehicle is in motion, making it a truly ideal option for people who actually take their Land Rover off road. The cameras can even zoom in, and be panned along the X- and Y-axis.
There are preset camera views under the Proximity and Special View tabs, but the big feature is the Enlarge button. Tap up to two views of your choice, and hit Enlarge. This throws the selected camera angles up in a vertical split-screen view, allowing the driver to customize his view based on the circumstances.
This gives off-roaders a serious advantage out on the trails. Selecting the feeds from under the mirrors would give drivers a great idea of just how much trail they have to work with, while the forward cameras give a better idea of just where that rocky outcropping is, or if the driver will be able clear an approaching stair.
Land Rover’s Surround Camera System is available as part of the Vision Assist Package, and is available on all trim levels of the LR4, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover.