Racing Video Stream Mini-Series Premieres This Fall

By Winding Road Staff

September 27, 2016

As the season-ending races are run -- races like the SCCA Runoffs, the NASA East/West Championships, Petit Le Mans and World Challenge at MRLS -- we find ourselves reluctantly looking toward the off-season. As much as we like the holidays, we know that racing thins out during that period, which brings on a certain melancholy feeling. But, in recent years, that slight sadness has been interrupted by The 25 Hours Of Thunderhill. This epic event, run in the first week of December by NASA, brings together pros and amateurs in all sorts of cars to run what was traditionally the longest race on the calendar. 
To add to that tradition, we've decided to serialize our film about the 25 Hours. On Wednesdays from October 11 up to the week of the 25 Hours, we'll release new mini-episodes of The Big Engine That Could each week at 7pm eastern (this is streaming video, so you can watch any time after that). Follow our heroic little team as they try to run the 25 Hours for the first time. Here is the trailer for the film, just to give you a taste.

Each episode will appear on the Winding Road Racing YouTube channelClick the "Subscribe" button on that page to get reminders of new episodes.