Miata Challenge Project: Chapter One

By Tom Martin

January 20, 2012

 We're joining a new one-track series. We thought some of you might be interested in following this for several reasons, so we'll do regular posts.
First, a group of drivers got together and decided to create a series that met their needs. So, in part, following this gets you a peek into the creation of a series outside of SCCA, NASA etc. Might be fun and give some insight into different racing motivations, choices etc.
Second, we're using a Miata, which is a very popular novice car. On top of that, the series is designed to be "Spec Miata Minus" or "Chump Plus", and so we intend to see what the cost of essentially the most basic racecar is, assuming you pay someone for parts and labor. People will chat you up on what they paid for things, but sometimes their numbers are hard to duplicate.
We just bought our car. It's a 1991 Miata that we found for $2600 with a hard top. We've heard about lower prices, and we've certainly seen higher, so we're guessing this is typical if you don't spend you life driving to look at Craigslist entries.
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