Video: McLaren Demonstrates How To Drive A P1 In The Snow

By Brandon Turkus

April 30, 2013

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Life would be better if the skies were always sunny and the temperature never dropped below 70 degrees. The unfortunate reality, though, is that it can get really, really cold. And snowy. And generally miserable in every way imaginable.
This requires automakers to test new cars in conditions that could be described as “less than optimal”. Winter testing often takes place above the arctic circle, where the temperatures rarely rise above freezing. This is not something that’s unique to mainstream manufacturers—nearly every OEM does at least some cold-weather testing.
McLaren is no different, as evidenced by the most recent video of its P1 hypercar, undergoing cold-weather development testing in on a frozen lake. Yes, it may look like mindless drifting and messing about in the new, 903-horserpower, $1.3-million monster, but we’re sure there’s some kind of work going on here.