Korea Dropped from 2015 F1 Calendar, Another Event to Take Its Place?

By Winding Road Staff

December 30, 2014

Earlier this month, the FIA unveiled a 21-race Formula One schedule for 2015, the busiest race schedule in F1 history. The additions of the Mexican Grand Prix, scheduled for November 1st, along with the Korean Grand Prix, scheduled for May 3rd comprised the changes from the 2014 season, but it looks like FIA officials may have jumped the gun when they added the Korean event to the mix.
Even F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone was skeptical of the addition, later stating that local organizers in South Korea “would rather it not happen”, but that his company was still obligated to include the race in the 2015 schedule. “We have a contract with Korea. We have to put it on the calendar. If we hadn’t, they could have sued us. We let them off for a year on the understanding they would be back”, said Ecclestone.
According to Auto Week, what remains unclear is exactly how many events will take place in the 2015 season, as the F1 schedule still states there will be 21 events, but only lists 20. Earlier this year, Ecclestone stated that Korea would be replaced by race held in Azerbaijani, Baku, though no mention of the race being re-added to the roster has been made by F1 officials as of yet. We’ll have more as updates become available.