Know Someone Who Should Become A Racer?

By Winding Road Staff

May 10, 2017

If you are a racer, you probably know someone who expresses interest but hasn't yet taken the steps to go wheel-wheel racing.

If you are a friend of a racer, you might be thinking "I'd like to get started".

If you are a racing fan, you might have said "I could do that" at some point.

Well, in the spirit of encouraging all of those people to move at least one step closer to becoming racers, we'd like to modestly propose that they sign up for the Winding Road Racing Newsletter. Each week, recipients get articles about how to go road racing, tips on driving technique, analysis of racing incidents, videos from club and pro racing, reviews of road racing equipment and the latest listings of race cars for sale. In three short emails we cover pretty much all the subjects you'd be interested in if you wanted to start (or if you just want to get faster).

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