Keepers: Subaru WRX—Community

By Christopher Smith

August 27, 2009

Subaru enthusiasts share a broad enjoyment of just about everything Subaru, with various meets and events happening on almost a daily basis. Given the go-anywhere, all-wheel drive nature of the Subie lineup, back-woods barbeques and off-road events go hand-in-hand with traditional pavement-bound activities—year round.

Nowhere is this array of activity seen better than with the scores of Subaru fans who flock to various stages of the Rally America series; the U.S. equivalent to the World Rally Championship that made the WRX famous. Sponsored by Subaru and scattered about the countryside in a nine-event season, every stop turns into a Subaru extravaganza, and it’s not uncommon to see the more die-hard WRX owners show up with gigantic light bars and stage maps, ready to follow competitors from stage to stage be it on tarmac, gravel, or even snow.


Should the rally life not be your cup of tea, an online visit to NASIOC (pronounced NAS-ee-ock) will deliver you to the welcome hands of nearly a quarter-million Subaru devotees ready to show you Impreza nirvana. Standing for the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club, NASIOC isn’t just the number one WRX club in America, it’s one of the most active enthusiast communities, period. NASIOC is truly a one-stop organization for WRX followers, featuring everything from current Subaru news, to a very specific parts/product database, and of course a massive online forum community that’s home to some of the top WRX experts in the world. NASIOC chapters span the country, and unless you live north of the Arctic Circle, NASIOC members most likely already populate your neighborhood. Best of all, the club is supported by an A-list of vendors ready to deliver any Subie add-on you could desire. Joining up with NASIOC also happens to be absolutely free.

Of course, what would the WRX community be without the antics of Subaru Rally America driver and extreme sport guru Ken Block, throwing his race-prepped WRX through more sideways action than a crooked stockbroker? We prefer Block’s first Gymkhana video to his more recent offering, and though it doesn’t feature the round-eye Rex we hate to love, it’s still the best WRX pornography available today.