Keepers: Honda S2000 - Community

By Christopher Smith

June 02, 2009

Current or future S2000 owners are blessed with an active enthusiast community spread across the U.S. as well as several countries overseas. And we’re not just talking about occasional parking lot gatherings; these folks love the S2000 but more importantly, they love driving the S2000. Three websites— , , and —should be in every S2000 owner’s bookmark list because they are the definitive sites to visit for complete model information. Within these digital library stacks are a wealth of information, including technical help and aftermarket performance tips, all crafted from the folks who know these cars best.
Through these sites you’ll be able to connect with tens of thousands of other S2000 owners and partake in the numerous events that take place regularly on the local level. Popular regional events include Wake The Dragon and Dragonball Run, located at the infamous “Tail of the Dragon” section of U.S. 129 on the North Carolina/Tennessee border.
If you only have time for one S2000 event of the year however, S2KDays is the place to be. Scheduled for this September in San Francisco, S2KDays is a full-blown S2000 convention, drawing enthusiasts from across the U.S. for three days of automotive tomfoolery and general camaraderie, all centered around the car they love.

And since we know the enthusiasts have the best car stories, take a few moments and tell your S2000 story.