Keepers: GMC Syclone/Typhoon—Community

By Christopher Smith

August 10, 2009

Every hardcore performance ride has an enthusiast following, and while the same kind of race-inspired pedigree may not surround the Syclone/Typhoon, a small but faithful group of gearheads congregate to , online home to the International Syclone Typhoon Owners Association (ISTA and yes, they opt to go O-less for the acronym). International is no typo either; despite a limited production run, Syclones and Typhoons have found homes in such faraway lands as England, Sweden, Germany, and Austria. also lists club chapters for Brazil and Japan, though a visit to both websites suggests activity in those areas might be waning.

Wherever the location, most of the enthusiast activity takes place online at , the official Syclone/Typhoon discussion forums. Upwards of 7500 owners and enthusiasts chat daily about SyTy maintenance issues, modifications, and the ever popular racing kill story, and let’s be honest—there’s a huge grin factor whenever an unsuspecting sports car driver gets spanked by baby pickup truck. Horseplay aside, both and contain such valuable information as a Syclone/Typhoon buyer’s guide, SyTy history, registry information, a nifty member locator tool, and the resources needed to keep these turbo trucks on the road.


While not a terribly active group, SyTy faithful do have their own annual convention, which actually just took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky this past weekend. Called the SyTy Nationals, this year’s event ran from August 7-9 and drew over 100 trucks for a weekend of turbo tomfoolery, including tech sessions, poker runs, drag racing, and autocrossing. The website for the event is .

For a blast from the past, check out the original MotorWeek review of the 1992 GMC Typhoon posted above. As always, our forums are open for discussions on the Syclone/Typhoon phenomena as well as performance talk in general, and look out for the next installment of Keepers as we continue the all-wheel drive theme with a well-known Japanese rally star.