It's Not Just The Car: Hamilton's Impressive Drive At The Spanish Grand Prix

By Winding Road Staff

October 06, 2020


We recently happened upon this article about Lewis Hamilton by Laurence Edmonson on ESPN, via Peter Attia’s email newsletter.


Laurence talks about Hamilton’s performance at the Spanish Grand Prix a few months back, where he carved out an eight-second lead and then never looked back. The overall point he’s making is its unfair to say it was all in the car; Hamilton is a tremendous athlete, who’s always striving to do everything little thing he can to have an edge. In a serious sport that’s won by tenths or hundredths of a second, drivers must follow suit and improve by every tenth or hundredth. Edmonson also details the out-of-body experience high-performing athletes/drivers achieve when they're truly in the the zone, utilizing every milimeter of their nervous system, yet getting into a sort of focused daze.


It doesn’t just come down to his performance, either, as its regarded that he and his teamwork as a two-way street when it comes to communication; as teams should do, though is not always the case.


It’s a great read and is very inspirational. Reading up stuff like this is certainly motivating, if not for improving our own performance this season, hopefully next season.


Here’s some visuals from the race to set the scene as well: