Holiday Wish Book: Spec Miata Season

By Winding Road Staff

November 22, 2016

When it comes to road racing, just about all roads lead to Spec Miata. If you're thinking about getting in to road racing, Spec Miata is the most popular starting point, thanks to reasonable costs and competition throughout the field. If you're already a road racer, you may have found that your class has low car count or drivers whose skills don't challenge yours. Both of those issues are unlikely in Spec Miata. And finally, even if  you run a faster, competitive class, SM is a great way to practice race craft and momentum technique -- skills that will pay off in just about any car.  

Our 2017 Spec Miata Season package includes everything you need to go racing except a license, flights and hotels. We rent you an NB Spec Miata, prepare it, transport it, change tires, do mechanical work at the track, provide you with data coaching and transport the car back to storage. Parts and repairs are extra cost, but we take care of those too. 


Season: Six NASA Texas region races (includes COTA and NOLA)
Price: $29,160
Contact: for details and options (e.g. California series, test days, SCCA calendar)
Over the new few weeks, we’ll be putting together our dream holiday wish list. From race cars to apparel, we’ve compiled our Holiday Wish Book that would even make Rudolph jealous.