Highlighted Podcast: SlipAngle Podcast Discusses The Glory That Is A Modified Audi TTRS

By Winding Road Staff

February 10, 2020

SlipAngle podcast


This is a great one: we love the TTRS, so we were especially excited to see this one show up in our Apple podcasts!


Episode 303 - Micaiah Hackbarth may be the smartest guy in the room. Respecting the storied history of the Audi 5-cylinder engine, he knew that the new TTRS had the potential to be special. When equipped with the robust DSG and some basic bolt-ons, E85 and stage 2 tuning by Unitronic this car comes alive. Teaming up with Brandon Ranvek for the 2019 One Lap of America lead to an overall win in their first campaign. Listen to how they got started. Now ASM has added a swapped turbo, and a stg3 tune by Unitronic, it became what may be the fastest road car in the paddock, anywhere.


Listen here!