Graphed: Involvement Meets Fuel Economy – Subcompact Cars

By John Beltz Snyder

May 11, 2011

Who doesn’t love some good, old fashioned cross-referencing? In advance of Winding Road Issue 70, which will lay forth some of the most involving cars with which to beat $4 gasoline, we have made this graph. It shows us which subcompact cars (as defined by the EPA) do the best job of balancing fuel economy and driver involvement.

Of course, this is limited to cars we have driven recently enough to be included in the Winding Road Involvement Index 2.0. To come up with the values, we simply multiplied combined fuel economy by the car’s involvement score. A score closer to that 2500 mark (we refrained from inventing a name for the units) will mean it is more economical, with its ability to engage the driver giving it a boost. A car that is too fuel-thirsty will be closer to the bottom of the pack. Being green is the key here, with some very involving cars being doomed to the low end, drowning in their own gasoline.