Graphed: Fuel Economy Of Efficient Vehicles

By John Beltz Snyder

August 11, 2011

As we drive the Lexus CT200h (and enjoy it for the most part), we’re reminded of some of the other fuel misers we’ve driven and responded to favorably (again, for the most part). We decided to compare a handful of these cars side by side, to get a visual understanding of how they perform.
We put the Toyota Prius on there for reference, because even though it scores very lowly on our Involvement Index, it is a long-standing standard for high mpgs. In total, we compare eight vehicles, four of which are hybrids, the others use no electric assistance.
It appears that, in general, the hybrids do best in the city, while the rest of the cars get green on the highway—a trend we already knew, but is interesting to see displayed clearly in a graph.
So, which of these eight vehicles would you choose, drivers?