Getting Started: A Racing Video For Your Friends Who Should Be Racers

By Winding Road Staff

August 23, 2016


The great human experiences are, apologies to poets in the audience, pretty darn hard to explain. An alpine lake, that pretty girl in 9th grade, a 494 Can-Am engine, pasta in Modena, the 'Stones live…you know the kind of thing we’re talking about. And racing is like that. If you’ve been a driver in wheel to wheel competition, you are sometimes confused by the gap between your experience and your friends’ limited understanding of why racing is great. No matter what you say, they seem unable of to comprehend (and take the obvious action, like immediately enrolling in an SCCA licensing school).


Here’s a short video of racers, from our friends at Mazda Motorsports, that goes a little way to bridging that gap. Like poetry, it isn’t the real thing -- it gives just the smallest suggestion of why racing is wonderful. But, anyway, we liked it and thought you would. And maybe your friends would not just enjoy it, but be a little bit inspired.


If you or your friends are interested in racing with us, in Spec Miata, MX-5 Cup or any of the other series we support, give us a call or send us an email.