Gear: Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs

By John Beltz Snyder

October 22, 2013

When trailering your precious cargo, your ability to safely secure your racecar is of utmost importance. You need to be able to trust your straps, which is why we prefer Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs for towing from race to race (or show to show).
First of all, Mac’s straps are ultra-strong. They’re rated up to 10,000 pounds, and they’re good for it. They use a high thread count, with extra stitching to make sure they won’t fail, even under grueling stress.
The same goes for the other components. The hooks and ratchets are machined with precision and quality. The ratchet handles offer a comfortable grip, ease in securing your vehicle, plus that 10,000 pounds worth of confidence. Also, the easy-to-operate ratchets are located close to tie-down points and, therefore, away from your car’s body work to prevent dents and scratches.
Having high-quality tie-downs is important, but equally important is having the right tie-downs for your needs. We’ve found that to secure a car in a trailer, there’s a certain setup that fits the bill nicely.
We prefer using four of the 10,000-pound direct-hook ratchet straps, at six feet long apiece. There are other lengths available, but in most trailers, space is at a premium, and the six-footers are perfect.
Using four of the 10,000-pound axle straps (at 40 inches long each) gives you a couple options in how you secure your cargo. You can strap it at the axles, but these straps also work great passing through the wheel spokes of even wider wheel and tire sets. A set of four padded fleece strap sleeves will give a lot of extra protection to the finish on your rims and tire sidewalls.
Finally, choose a set of strap wraps to keep all your gear stored nicely when not in use. Pack it all in a heavy-duty padded bag for tidiness and convenience, and you’ve got a solid set of tie-downs you can trust to get your car to the track and back safely and without frustration.
Mac’s Tie-Downs come in several colors, so you can match your black, blue, red, or yellow livery. From our experience, though, we prefer the black, as it continues to look nice despite being exposed to brake dust, rubber, and all the other grime that tends to go along with well-used automobiles.
Mac's Custom Tie-Downs are made in the USA.
You can buy the set Mac’s Tie-Downs we just described in the Winding Road Racing store. If you’re looking for a custom set, we can help you with that; just email us at