Gallery: 72nd Goodwood Members' Meeting

By Winding Road Staff

April 22, 2014

Where else can you find Group B rally beasts, Le Mans prototypes, and vintage Ferrari racecars in the same place at the same time other than the Goodwood Members' Meeting? We'd wager that the list is fairly short.
Be sure to check out the included gallery to see the virtual buffet of incredible racing cars of all shapes and sizes in all their high resolution glory. Here's a few of our favorite shots, as well as a clip courtesy of Goodwood showcasing the thrills and spills from the racing action of the 72nd Members' Meeting:
Group-B rally cars: Audi Quattro-S4, Metro 6R4, Lancia Delta S4
Ferrari 250 Breadvan
Jaguar C Type

Swing by the Goodwood Road Racing Club Facebook page for even more photos from the event.