From The Winding Road Vault: "2011 Trans Am"

By Seyth Miersma

March 02, 2012

[Illustration Credit: Poblete]
Back in the April 2007 issue of Winding Road (Issue 19), not long after seeing the Camaro Concept for the first time, we had this illustration commissioned. Attempting to future-cast the Camaro’s form into a Pontiac (RIP) Trans Am mold, with just a dash of The Bandit to make it interesting, we thought the results were pretty compelling. We kind of still do.
What say you, savvy reader, was our look forward at a Trans Am that wasn’t, right on? Have your say in the comments section, below.
We’ve been cleaning out some of our digital storage spaces, and finding all sorts of great WR content from our seven-year history. Look for future Vault articles, where we share some of our favorite blasts from the past.