Forbidden Fruit: Modded Ford Focus RS Appears In Jay Leno’s Garage

By Brandon Turkus

April 10, 2013

Say what you will about his talk show and propensity for double denim—Jay Leno is a car guy’s car guy. Not only does the funny man have a mammoth collection of cars spanning nearly the entire history of the automobile, but he makes a series of videos starring those cars.
The latest video stars one of Winding Road’s absolute favorite European cars: the epic Ford Focus RS. Ford’s Team RS can best be thought of as Europe’s answer to America’s Special Vehicle Team. Team RS started modifying cars well before SVT was around, though, cranking out its first rally car in 1970 (the Escort RS1600). In the 1980s and 90s, the arrival of cars like the Sierra RS Cosworth and Escort RS Cosworth were enough to make sure the team’s reputation reached American shores. Since then, we've been drooling over each new RS that's appeared.
This particular, third-gen Focus RS is a 2010, and was actually picked up by Galpin Ford, the largest Ford dealer in the world, in Mexico. On a mere six-month visa, the Focus RS’ turbocharged five-pot was tuned up to 420 horsepower, up from the stock 305 ponies, thanks to Ford tuner Mountune. While 420 horsepower is plenty, it's even more intense when channeled through the front wheels. Can you say torque steer?
Check out the video, direct from Jay Leno’s Garage