Don't Be A Slug: Principles Matter On Track

By Tom Martin

November 01, 2017

We love racing enough that we take it seriously. And so, we think it is valuable for drivers to have a code that they live by, which, as your mother probably told you, basically comes down to the golden rule ("do unto others as you would have them do unto you"). Listening to scores of pro racers talk about other racers, we notice that the drivers with good reputations are inevitably those who raced fairly on track. Pinheads, unsurprisingly, are not revered.

One corollary of the golden rule is something like "if you get away with a bad move, it is still a bad move". Felipe Massa recently demonstrated this in the Mexican GP:

Note that Massa turns right, and rather aggressively, at track out of a left hand turn. He seems to be clearly trying to force Vettel off the road. Not cool, if that's his intent, even though Vettel drives around it. Also, since mistakes of principle happen even to the best of us under the stress of racing, be enough of a human to apologize if you do something like this.