Co-Driver's Pace Note Guffaw Turns Into A Real Craptastrophe

By Bradley Iger

November 22, 2013

Rally driving is an intense brand of motorsport. It requires precision, concentration and nerves of steel. The slightest mistake can have severe consequences, and when things go wrong, they often go really wrong. That's why it's of vital importance that a rally driver's co-driver be held to just as a high a standard as his counterpart behind the wheel is.

Unfortunately for the Finnish Citroën WRC driver Mikko Hirvonen and his co-driver, Jarmo Lehtinen, they really drove this point home when Lehtinen misread the pace notes slightly, which immediately resulted in a rollover crash - right into a pile of manure. The team takes it in stride though: despite both of them being treated to a face-full of cowpie, their biggest concern remains the condition of their race car.