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  • First Look: 2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid, V-12 S600 (444 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on April 08, 2009 12 a.m.

    We love it when automakers decide to unveil a new car, especially when they aren't doing it at the auto show currently taking place. We may be knee-deep in New York materials, but Mercedes-Benz went and pulled the trigger on the new 2010 S-Class; more specifically, the S600 and S400 Hybrid.

  • First Look: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gains Style, Off-Road Capability (941 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on April 08, 2009 12 a.m.

    Sometimes, a slight refresh can be a big step forward for an automaker. Take this new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, for example. Parent company Chrysler really needs to prove that it can make attractive, fuel-friendly, good-quality vehicles, otherwise the automaker will indeed have a tough time staying afloat over the next year. And from the looks of the new Grand, we don't think it's going to disappoint.

  • First Look: Nissan 370Z Gets Nismo Performance (741 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on April 07, 2009 12 a.m.

    Not only did Nissan bring the new 370Z Roadster to this year's New York Auto Show, they decided to turn up the heat and unveil a much-anticipated Nismo version of the hot new sports coupe. Nismo, Nissan's in-house tuning division, did a pretty successful job with the last-generation 350Z, so we can only expect good things from the new Z, what with its upgraded powertrain and utterly primal driving dynamics.

  • List: New GM/Segway PUMA and other Personal Mobility Vehicles (6954 views)

    By John Beltz Snyder on April 07, 2009 12 a.m.

    In the spirit of desperation innovation, General Motors and Segway unveiled their joint personal mobility vehicle project PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) prototype in New York. The two-seated vehicle will feature the two-wheel balancing technology of the Segway, as well as connectivity between other PUMAs that will enhance safety and communication while zipping around town.

  • Driven: 2010 Mazda3 (1430 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on April 06, 2009 12 a.m.

    When you think about driving along the mountain roads of southern California, your brain immediately fixates on images of Lotus Elises and Porsche Boxsters as potential quick-footed dance partners for a day of driving fun. But in reality, any car with nimble steering, a taught suspension, and a bit of pep in its step can give similar pleasures. Take our 2010 Mazda3, for example. We spent many hours throwing it through a seemingly endless series of back-and-forth, left-and-right turns, and walked away feeling quite satisfied. The previous generation 3 was seriously fun in these conditions. We’re happy to report that ...

  • First Look: 2010 GMC Terrain Shows Its Face (501 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on April 05, 2009 12 a.m.

    General Motors sure does enjoy badge engineering. We just saw the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox for the first time this past January along with Cadillac's new SRX, but instead of making a replacement for the outgoing Pontiac Torrent, the General decided to add another vehicle into GMC's product line -- the 2010 Terrain.

  • First Look: BMW X5 And X6 Get The M Treatment For New York (374 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on April 04, 2009 12 a.m.

    File both of these in the "utterly pointless yet totally awesome" category. BMW will be officially unveiling the new X5 M and X6 M at the New York Auto Show next week, but the official details and photos have just now leaked out onto the web. Both of these newcomers mark BMW's first application of all-wheel drive on an M vehicle, and while we don't exactly see them selling in droves, we're confident that they'll both be an absolute hoot to motor around in.

  • Analysis: The Lessons of Rick Wagoner’s Demise (367 views)

    By Tom Martin on April 01, 2009 12 a.m.

    I confess to having mixed emotions about the Obama administration’s move over the weekend to throw Rick Wagoner under the Escalade. On the one hand, Mr. Wagoner was pretty clearly toast last fall. He had to get the axe, at a minimum for political reasons, but for sound reasons as well.

  • Driven: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, Decisions Decisions… (863 views)

    By Rex Roy on March 30, 2009 12 a.m.

    The obvious comparisons surrounding the all-new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro pit the reconstituted pony car against the Mustang and Challenger. Well duh. We submit, however, that the obvious overlooks something right before your eyes; a Camaro versus Camaro face off.

  • Driven: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe (1817 views)

    By Tom Martin on March 27, 2009 12 a.m.

    We had a chance to drive several Hyundai Genesis Coupes this week at Hyundai’s launch event outside of Las Vegas. Our summary: The Genesis Coupe is both intriguing and confusing; kind of like a girlfriend you probably had once (or have now).