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  • Factory Five ’33 Ford Hot Rod: Project Car or Something More? (2185 views)

    By Tom Martin on July 10, 2009 12 a.m.

    I recently had the opportunity to spend a few hours with Dave Smith, CEO of Factory Five Racing at Factory Five’s headquarters in Wareham, Massachusetts. While the original intent was to drive Factory Five’s most recent offering, the ’33 Ford Hot Rod, events conspired to prevent that drive (as they often do with small companies). In a way, that worked out well, because Smith and I had more time to tour FFR’s facility and talk about the car business.

  • First Look: 2010 Jaguar XJ (766 views)

    By John Beltz Snyder on July 09, 2009 12 a.m.

    Today, after extensive teasing, Jaguar finally unveiled the 2010 XJ, with a little help from funnyman and chin hero Jay Leno.

  • Driven: 2010 BMW X6M (1605 views)

    By Tom Martin on July 08, 2009 12 a.m.

    What Was the Question, Again? Let’s face it, the BMW X6 is an unusual car. We simply aren’t yet accustomed to a large, tall, fastback SUVs (or SAVs as BMW would have it). Making such a car in an M version makes it even more unusual, and challenges the cerebral cortex even more.

  • Keepers: BMW M3 E46—Community (770 views)

    By Christopher Smith on July 07, 2009 12 a.m.

    In essence, simply owning a BMW grants you an all-access pass to an all-encompassing, purebred group that’s arguably the largest, most dedicated, and most fanatical community of motoring enthusiasts in the world. Obviously the M cars are the poster children for this segment, but attend any type of BMW event and you’ll likely see a wide range of new and old Bimmers, everything from high-end M machines to highly modified variations of 3 and 5-Series cars, stock sedans, convertibles, and yes, SUVs. If it says BMW, then it’s welcome, and whether it’s a brand new M3 or a decades-old 2002, ...

  • First Look: 2010 Volvo XC60 R-Design (674 views)

    By Winding Road Staff on July 07, 2009 12 a.m.

    Volvo introduced its new 2010 XC60 R-Design, in a Press Release today. Volvo representatives said that it will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this September.

  • Driven: 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe (961 views)

    By John Beltz Snyder on July 07, 2009 12 a.m.

    The Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe is a conundrum. Despite its reassuring specifications and sporty body, the car has a love-it-or-hate-it attitude surrounding it. It doesn’t have the rumbly, big displacement engine people expect in an American rear-drive performer. The GXP’s direct-injection, 2.0-liter, turbocharged engine makes more sense for a vehicle like the Solstice, even if it doesn’t summon the emotional response associated with typical Americana. So, to try to wrap our heads around this strange, small creature, we wedged ourselves in the cockpit, and fired her up.

  • Driven: The Look-At-Me Chevrolet Camaro RS (526 views)

    By Seyth Miersma on July 07, 2009 12 a.m.

    In our new Third Look series, the Winding Road staff will take another, more focused view of cars that have already been through our wheelhouse. Though Driven reviews, comparison tests, and our Ask It section in the Forums are all instructive, multiple chances to drive a particular vehicle always yield new, sometimes subtle impressions. In Third Look, we’ll try to highlight these and bring to light some thoughts we might not have had the first time around. Case in point is the Camaro RS that we had the opportunity to test over the Forth of July holiday weekend. As a ...

  • General Motors 4.0: What is a Buick? (469 views)

    By Tom Martin on July 06, 2009 12 a.m.

    Oddly enough, some of the most perplexing questions I get asked by normal people as editor of an automotive publication involve Buick. Most of them are along the lines of “Why did GM keep Buick?” and “What the heck is a Buick anyway?” Not a great place to be, if you’re GM. GM knows it has an issue here in the U.S. (Buick, remember, is a hot brand in China) and it is attacking the problem. Buick recently announced the new 2010 Buick LaCrosse, a car that gives us a chance to think about how GM is and should be ...

  • Keepers: BMW M3 E46—Shopping (2824 views)

    By Christopher Smith on July 02, 2009 12 a.m.

    The current state of the auto market makes for some tantalizing possibilities when it comes to performance cars, and with good-condition E46 prices dipping well into the $20,000 range, it’s currently one of the best performance purchases available. Unfortunately, perhaps the biggest stumbling block on the road to M3 ownership has nothing to do with the car itself, but rather the cost to insure it. Running a quick check for a squeaky-clean, 22-year old driver returns a frightening range of $300 to $700 per month for full coverage, thanks to a perfect storm of popularity (as in popular among thieves) ...

  • Driven: 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG (881 views)

    By Matt Davis on July 02, 2009 12 a.m.

    Boy, has the E-Class Mercedes ever come a long way from being the world’s taxi cab. This latest W212 four-door E-Class is a proper executive sedan filled to the gills with technology, luxury, and style. What is already an edgier base model E-Class goes to the edgy-looking extreme here in the 518 horsepower, E63 AMG and you either mind that or you don’t. We do feel the edge is a little overstated, but it’s certainly not heinously so.