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  • Driven: 2010 Kia Forte (1088 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on June 15, 2009 12 a.m.

    While sitting around a candlelit table at Chandler’s Crabhouse in downtown Seattle, we talked with other journalists about our recent drive in Kia’s all-new Forte sedan—the replacement for the long-running Spectra. We discussed our generally lukewarm driving impressions, but still resolved that the Forte is a good competitor in the compact segment. One colleague said, “If I only write about the drive experience, it could come off as a bad review—but it isn’t actually a bad car at all.” So stay with us here, because while there may not be any juicy, exciting, sports-car-type bits about the Kia Forte, it’s ...

  • Keepers: The Turbo Dodges (631 views)

    By Christopher Smith on June 09, 2009 12 a.m.

    In the pursuit of finding cars worth keeping, there’s not always a clear connection between pedigree, price and performance. Sometimes, cars that people expect to be good turn out to be rubbish, despite their ancestry. And sometimes, you come across performance heroes in the most unlikely of places.

  • Blog: Chevrolet Volt—Enthusiast Driver’s Car? (546 views)

    By Tom Martin on June 09, 2009 12 a.m.

    Reading the comments on our Tesla drive, and about the Volt’s roughly $32,500 pricing (after subtracting the $7500 federal incentive), got me to thinking that we may misunderstand the Volt and other battery-powered cars. I haven’t driven the Volt, so only time will tell, but here’s the logic.

  • Keepers: Honda S2000 - Community (743 views)

    By Christopher Smith on June 02, 2009 12 a.m.

    Current or future S2000 owners are blessed with an active enthusiast community spread across the U.S. as well as several countries overseas. And we’re not just talking about occasional parking lot gatherings; these folks love the S2000 but more importantly, they love driving the S2000. Three websites— , , and —should be in every S2000 owner’s bookmark list because they are the definitive sites to visit for complete model information. Within these digital library stacks are a wealth of information, including technical help and aftermarket performance tips, all crafted from the folks who know these cars best.

  • Keepers: Honda S2000—Shopping (1919 views)

    By Christopher Smith on June 01, 2009 12 a.m.

    Traditionally, even well maintained sports cars tend to be maintenance-heavy due to their high-strung personalities. There is good news, however, for all you would-be Honda S2000 owners, because the S2000—aside from being a high-strung sports car—is still a Honda. That means high levels of reliability despite its performance car status.

  • List: 2009 Lotus Elise SC from Las Vegas to Menlo Park, the Hard Way (1256 views)

    By Rex Roy on June 01, 2009 12 a.m.

    Recently, Winding Road mainstay Rex Roy took a pretty magical two-day drive from Las Vegas, Nevada to Menlo Park, California in a 2009 Lotus Elise SC. Not one to let the time pass idly; Rex captured some amazing photographs along the way. Click through the gallery above where Rex narrates his journey for our benefit. Trust us, this was a good one.

  • Blog: Getting Environmental Policy Right (352 views)

    By Tom Martin on May 27, 2009 12 a.m.

    ’ve said that the domestic automakers will emerge from their recent financial difficulties in better shape than in recent memory. My point in that blog was that the so-called bailout of the Detroit Three is the news, but it isn’t the key issue. The Detroit Three will restructure and emerge in decent shape. I’ve also said we should care about what happens after that point. That’s because if there’s one lesson from the problems of the automakers it should be that apparently simple decisions often have lasting negative consequences. What we are deciding now are the policies for 7-20 years ...

  • List: The Top Ten Motorcycle Helmets by Owner Satisfaction (723 views)

    By Seyth Miersma on May 27, 2009 12 a.m.

    J.D. Power and Associates has recently completed a customer survey, which asks users which motorcycle helmets are the most satisfying. While we tend to be pretty satisfied by any helmet that keeps our brains soundly inside of our heads, The JDP folks clearly chose to dig deeper. The survey measured satisfaction based on three key factors: ventilation, face shield, and design and styling. Helmet owners were asked for ratings on eleven attributes:

  • Keepers: Honda S2000 (770 views)

    By Christopher Smith on May 26, 2009 12 a.m.

    In the broad realm of performance motoring, there are essentially three classifications of enthusiasts: Those who seek pure power, those who seek pure finesse, and those who seek a balance of the two. For those seeking finesse, top-down sports motoring doesn’t get much better than the Honda S2000, and while the high-revving, 240 horsepower four banger under hood won’t satisfy the power hungry, it does propel the S2000 with enough punch to get an inexperienced driver into trouble, and boy does it sound good doing it.

  • Driven: 2010 Lexus HS250h (467 views)

    By Jason Christa on May 26, 2009 12 a.m.

    Don’t call it a Prius. First of all, the Lexus HS250h only gets a combined fuel economy average of 35 miles per gallon, compared to the Prius’s 50. They appeal to separate segments, have different engines, and the HS has many features unavailable to the Prius. The two cars even look totally different. The HS has had enough of being compared to its downmarket Toyota cousin.