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  • Dinan S1 335i: Better Than an M3? (1319 views)

    By Tom Martin on September 28, 2009 12 a.m.

    Taking the fabulous BMW 335i and trying to make it better than an M3 is a tempting but difficult exercise. Not only is the M3 a very good car, so is the 335i. If anyone has a chance to pull this off, it would be Dinan, the long-standing mega tuners of BMWs in the U.S.

  • First Look: 2010 Toyota 4Runner (1913 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on September 25, 2009 12 a.m.

    Though the market for mid-size sport-utility vehicles is shrinking in favor of more crossovers and funky wagon-ish things, Toyota's 4Runner sallies forth into 2010 with a host of visual changes, along with an all-new four-cylinder engine. The new car is both wider and longer than the last-generation 4Runner, meaning that a third-row seat is now available. (Fold-down jump seats were available on previous-gen 4Runners, but we wouldn't dare refer to that as an actual third row.)

  • List: Our Gamer Wishlist (850 views)

    By John Beltz Snyder on September 24, 2009 12 a.m.

    Unfortunately, we can’t always be behind the wheel. We certainly can’t do all the things we’d like to do behind the wheel. If we did, we’d go to jail. Or die.

  • List: Top Ten Car Names that Sound Like Medicine Names (895 views)

    By Seyth Miersma on September 24, 2009 12 a.m.

    When automakers are looking for the perfect name for their new products, they seem to strive for monikers that reach customers on a gut level rather than an intellectual one. The same can be said, we’ve noticed, of the naming conventions behind modern prescription drugs, which seem to meld a version of the intended effect with melodious prefixes and suffixes. So it was only natural that we find the shared area between modern medicine and today’s wheels; presented above for your approval. Click through the gallery above for our list of car names that sound like medicine names and then ...

  • Keepers: Audi S4 B5-series—Community (3376 views)

    By Christopher Smith on September 22, 2009 12 a.m.

    Here’s where the frustration of dealing with recurring S4 mechanical maladies all but disappears. YouTube is full videos that feature turbo S4s committing various acts of horsepower heroics (like the Nurburgring vid posted above), and that’s due to the devout following of Audi owners on the whole. The unassuming styling of the S4 however, combined with the Biturbo’s ease of tuning make it an Audi favorite despite the car’s relatively short North American lifespan. As such, S4 owners have an extremely broad enthusiast community when it comes to technical help, aftermarket tuning, spare parts, or just friendly camaraderie. In fact, ...

  • List: Top 10 Amazing Moments in Chinese Automaker Websites (1840 views)

    By Seyth Miersma on September 22, 2009 12 a.m.

    As well as being rich repositories of unintentional humor, bad translation, and bizarre imagery, sometimes the websites maintained by Chinese automakers offer a freshness of perspective that just can’t be duplicated by our own domestic companies. Perhaps because they’re not jaded by decades of intense exposure to expensive advertisements and slick marketing campaigns, the Chinese companies seem freer to explore and experiment.

  • Keepers: Audi S4 B5-Series—Shopping (1144 views)

    By Christopher Smith on September 20, 2009 12 a.m.

    Most performance enthusiasts—and especially the fans of Q-ship performance—are well aware that the much-loved Biturbo S4 does have a dark side. Yes, Audi was pumping out some cool cars back in the day, but questionable quality, poor reliability, and astronomical repair costs have become a trademark characteristic for Audis of this era. Talk to just about any S4 driver and you’ll get a similar story of mechanical maladies that either total thousands of dollars, or take the car off the road for weeks or months at a time while the owner gathers parts for the repair. As such, the best ...

  • First Look: 2010 Saab 9-5 (371 views)

    By Steven J. Ewing on September 16, 2009 12 a.m.

    For a while, the future of Saab looked glum. Thankfully, the fine folks at Koenigsegg have scooped up the Scandinavian automaker and now the future doesn't look so bad. The current 9-5 was a mess of General Motors influence on an aging platform and the end result was really quite bad, but from the details and images that we have on the new 9-5, it looks like Saab might be back in the game again.

  • Keepers: Audi S4 B5-series (1996 views)

    By Christopher Smith on September 15, 2009 12 a.m.

    In light of Audi’s all-new unveilings at the Frankfurt Motor Show , the timing couldn’t be better for a flashback to one of the company’s defining performance offerings. We’re speaking of course about the Audi S4 sedan that first appeared on Yankee soil way back in 1992. The formula hasn’t changed much over the years, but when it comes down to a specific S4 genre, we look to the second-generation B5-series S4 as the version that roundhouse kicked the sport sedan segment of the day, becoming a performance legend in the process.

  • Gamer: Gran Turismo for PSP (661 views)

    By Seyth Miersma on September 15, 2009 12 a.m.

    We would imagine that by now, to tell our readers that the staff of Winding Road are huge fans of the Gran Turismo series of driving simulators would be roughly akin to telling them that water is wet—pretty obvious. That doesn’t make us at all unique, as millions of gamers with a jones for fast metal have known since the initial GT launched on the PlayStation One back in 1997. The Real Driving Simulator hit a resonant chord in that first year, and has continued to set the bar very high in each of its subsequent instantiations.