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  • The British Open Teaches Sports Car Racers A Lesson (407 views)

    By Tom Martin on July 26, 2017 10:51 a.m.

    The British Open is one of the four golf tournaments classified as a "major", a term appropriated by the SCCA but with a longer-standing history in the world of golf.

  • Get Ready For SCCA Runoffs: Video Review Of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course (347 views)

    By Winding Road Staff on July 26, 2017 10:33 a.m.

    The SCCA Runoffs will be held at IMS from September 25 to October 1, 2017. This week, we've posted a video of a solid qualifying lap at Indy on the Grand Prix course in anticipation of the Runoffs.

  • Race Communications: Analog vs. Digital Radio (191 views)

    By Jeff Sexton on July 25, 2017 1:15 p.m.

    The shift to digital radio from analog has increased over the last five years within most industries. From varying price points and the distinction in sound quality, both technologies have significant differences beyond just their signal types.

  • Race Communications: Speedcom Helmet Kits (95 views)

    By Jeff Sexton on July 19, 2017 2:35 p.m.

    Communication while on track between the driver and the crew could mean the difference between winning and not. Equipping your driver with a good helmet kit is key to ensuring clear and continued communications between the driver and the team.

  • Winning The Battle, Losing The War (417 views)

    By Tom Martin on July 19, 2017 11:01 a.m.

    Since we are at the track most weekends running cars in Pirelli World Challenge, MX-5 Cup, SCCA and NASA events, we see a lot of racing up close. We're generally not watching the overall race, but are working with specific drivers to help them succeed.

  • Watch: Dramatic Global MX-5 Cup Race On Streets Of Toronto (581 views)

    By Winding Road Staff on July 19, 2017 10:51 a.m.

    Winding Road Team TFB was in Toronto for the Verizon IndyCar weekend, where we participated in the classic MX-5 Cup drama...

  • How To Win The Race Start (507 views)

    By Ross Bentley on July 19, 2017 10:37 a.m.

    Before a race, think about where you’re starting on the grid. Who is starting around you and what are they like to race with? Can you trust them to run wheel-to-wheel with you? Are they fast starters? Do they run a few fast laps, then begin to fade?

  • How Driver Cooling Works (250 views)

    By Winding Road Staff on July 18, 2017 3:44 p.m.

    It’s summer time and the rising temperature just makes it that much hotter in a race car, where temps can exceed 120 degrees. Here at Winding Road, we always advise drivers to add a driver cooling system to their car. Keeping your core body temperature at a safe level helps reduce hydration and fatigue, leaving to improved performance throughout your race.

  • Global MX-5 Cup Livestreaming From the Streets of Toronto (163 views)

    By Winding Road Staff on July 14, 2017 9:37 a.m.

    Rounds seven and eight of the Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BF Goodrich Tires will take place on this weekend on the streets of Toronto.

  • The Spec Miata Of Karting? (1697 views)

    By Winding Road Staff on July 12, 2017 11:13 a.m.

    We were recently at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a Batter Tender Global MX-5 Cup event. The race was pretty tight, with last lap, last corner passing for the win and such. A reminder that spec racing often leads to close competition if the car count is high enough.