Winding Road Racing BMW Race Car Builds

By Winding Road Staff

January 01, 2016

BMW E30 M3: Fuel Cell

Our house E30 M3 needed a fuel cell installed to be compliant in SVRA. This installation required less fabrication than most cells as ATL had a BMW specific product. 



 BMW E30: Roll Cage Install

A 6+2 Touring style cage was installed in this BMW E30. NASCAR style door bars were requested on driver and passenger side. This car would often have a passenger on board so equal safety levels were required.


BMW Spec E46: Spec E46 Build 

This 2002 BMW 330i drove into our shop as a commuter and will exit as a full prepped racecar. 

  • Rear subframe removal for subframe reinforcement & bushing install:

  • 45# of sound deadening and insulation removed:


BMW E46 Subframe Reinforcement

We carefully remove the fuel tank & rear subframe exposing the chassis areas that are prone to failure on the e46 chassis. Using the Redish plate kit, the stock sheet metal is dramatically reinforced creating a stiffer chassis for street or track use.

BMW e46 Subframe Reinforcement Winding Road Racing

BMW e46 Subframe Reinforcement