Ten Of The Best Racing Seats On Sale Today

By Bradley Iger

October 14, 2015

Most everywhere in organized motorsport, a proper racing seat is a requirement if you want to compete. But more than simply complying with safety protocol, a great racing seat can have a profound effect not only on driver comfort but performance as well, as a seat that holds the driver in place properly allows that individual to focus their attention elsewhere – like running faster laps.
As a refresher in factors you need to consider when buying a helmet, you may want to read our Racing Seat Buyers Guide, and head over to the Winding Road Racing online store to check out the entire selection of racing seats available.
And now, in no particular order, here are our picks for ten of the best racing seats available today:
Racetech RT4119HRW – Compliant with FIA 8855-1999 standards, the Racetech RT4119HRW may be a mouthful but we’ve found it to be very supportive and comfortable under racing conditions, and because it’s available in three different sizes (standard, tall and wide-tall), this seat can accommodate many different drivers. View all Racetech Seats.
Ultrashield Rally Sport Halo – Available in sizes 14 through 18 in 1" increments, this aluminum seat can be mounted directly to floorpan for maximum headroom and is a great option for Spec Miata. Our customers have also commented on the comfort of the seat as well as the ease of seat pad removal for cleaning and when working inside the car, making the Ultrashield Rally Sport Halo an obvious choice for the list. Browse all Ultrashield Racing Seats.
Oreca Turn One R.A.C. – This FIA 8855-1999 approved seat will fit in Spec Miatas with minimal notching and is a great option for racers on a budget. Side or base mountable, the Turn One R.A.C. is a tubular frame seat with a lot going for it without breaking the bank. View all Oreca racing seats.
Momo Supercup – Supportive enough for track work but not as tight as some full race seats, the Momo Supercup comes with removable double leg cushions to optimize driver comfort and stability and uses Momo’s exclusive “Airnet” technical material on the seating areas to enhance grip. View all Momo racing seats
Sparco Pro 2000 II: Since its debut in 1995, the Pro 2000 has been the throne of choice for numerous championship winning drivers, and the Pro 2000 II takes all the fundamentals of Sparco’s proven design and expands the dimensions, making the Pro 2000 II ideal for larger drivers. One inch wider in the lower section of the seat compared to the Pro 2000, this new version still provides the excellent ergonomics of its smaller sibling – a design that cradles the body for greater performance – while also maintaining the durability and safety the original is known for. Click to browse all Sparco racing seats.
OMP HTE-R: Our reference Porsche GT3 Cup seat. The OMP HTE-R is supportive, comfortable and does not require a back brace. Homologated to FIA 8855/1999 standards, the HTE-R is available in standard or XL sizes and is designed with large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights. Shop all OMP racing seats.
Momo Lesmo One – We’ve noted that the standard sized version of this seat is on the narrow side and thus highly supportive under high loads, a quality which continues in the side and shoulder areas. And like the Supercup seat, the Lesmo One also uses “Airnet” technical material on the seating areas to enhance grip and driver stability.  
Sparco Pro ADV – The result of a joint project between Sparco and the FIA aimed at increasing safety levels, the Sparco Pro ADV is also surprisingly comfortable despite being extremely rigid, featuring new approaches to ergonomics, materials and – above all – safety. Available in lightweight carbon fiber as well as several different colors.
Oreca Turn One Trophy-S – FIA 8855-1999 approved, the Turn One Trophy-S is suitable for mixed track/road applications and is one of the most affordable high quality racing seats out there. A split thigh cushion helps bolster support while the non-slip fabric used on the seating cushions and shoulders helps keep the driver stable and in place. Shop all ORECA racing seats. 
Sparco Evo III – 2-1/2” wider than the original Evo competition seat but retaining its height and shape, the Evo III is ideal for larger drivers (over 240 lbs or up to 38- to 42-inch waist) or those who prefer a wider bottom cushion. It also retains all the benefits of the original’s design, which was developed in collaboration with DTM and ITC drivers. 
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